Make your inspiration work for you

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling on Instagram when you land on your favorite influencer’s page? They’re always flawless but also have a bag, shoes, or the entire outfit that you instantly decide you MUST have. So in just a few minutes and a few clicks you’ve found the “it” bag on the brand’s website. Here’s where I’m going to pretend you’re like me -“$800?!!”. Suddenly, I have all the sense in the world again and I know for certain the world will keep spinning while I keep on using the number of other bags I’ve already paid for. 

To get to the point of this post, I’m sharing how with a little determination you can find what you’re looking for in your budget. I’ll start with a recent example. My all time favorite Influencer (Matilda Djerf) posted two different accessories that I drooled over. One was a pair of Anine Bing sunglasses listed for $179 and the other was a vintage Fendi summer tote and I can only imagine what this cost. Let me just show you.



I won’t share with you the insane amount of time spent thinking about this bag and pair of sunglasses. So my next best option was to find a dupe. If you don’t use Poshmark, hopefully you will. I’ve been able to find sold out things I didn’t buy in time or closet staples I already bought but had ruined or wore into the ground. 

Now to show you what I found. Please mind I’m obviously not going to get a duplicate Fendi, so I had to take what I loved about the bag and try to find the same look. I searched for a mesh bag (the mesh was what drew me to it) and I found the cutest bag from Zara (major fan) for $13 on Poshmark! So me being me, I offered $10 for it and she accepted. I think its my obsession with clothes and accessories that makes me relentless. 



Now onto the sunglasses. I had a harder time with these. I did search Poshmark first but didn’t find anyone selling the same or similar style to Anine Bing’s. Google is my best friend btw, give me a few good detailed searches and eventually I will find what I’m looking for. I landed on the dream pair. $9.99 at H&M  they come in two colors. I ordered the black but am truly considering getting the olive. They are classic and basically everything. I’m obsessed.



I feel like social media does make us feel inadequate sometimes if we don’t have the latest and greatest. But there is always a way around it and you don’t have to spend a fortune to have nice things. Just determination.


Until next time babes -Court

Little Details for a Big Outfit

I’ve mentioned on here before that I’ve never been one to sport much jewelry, if any. I do love dainty & feminine pieces that never go out of style and go with every outfit.

My newest update for you is that a little bit of earring goes a long way and I’m slowly becoming obsessed. It started with the pair below from Forever 21 which you can still grab here.

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

They are pretty simple but stand out at the same time. Also, how can you beat $5?

So, this is where it started and since then I’ve been addicted to finding more and more that can take a boring outfit and make it of interest. Of course I had to create a post around them. I still can’t say I’m venturing out of my minimal or neutral-ness, but it is a step closer. They have some drama to them, I think?! 

Anyways I’m leaving you with more choices if the ones above were also of interest to you! Forewarning : I’m very into gold and very into rhinestones right now so I apologize that I don’t venture too far.


Rhinestone Dusters



Textured Teardrops



Drop Hoop with Rhinestone



Single Drop Rhinestones


Chain Dusters

Ok,ok these are very similar to the others in the first picture but UGH I need these too!



Gold & Brown Stone


Double Gold Hoop with Duster Detail



Rhinestone Ovals

These are earrings I would even pair with a boring T-shirt. It’s fun to pair things that are unexpected sometimes. My inspo for this came from Josefine HJ (her sister owns the jewelry brand Nuit et Linette which is everything) and as always Matilda Djerf. I have to give credit where it’s due. 

Until next post.

-Court  xx


Timeless Bags, Affordable Tags

For me, there is something romantic about a classic bag. True and timeless, you already know this will serve you for years to come. I’ve also found it is the timeless pieces that grab the most compliments. There is something to be said about no trend in sight. Feminine and bold. Finding a classic at a thrift or vintage shop is a high like no other (not kidding in the slightest).

Knowing you’ll have that same bag when you’re in your 30s, 40s, your 50s, it still looks good and the stories it carries is a prize in itself. Maybe to be able to pass it down someday is the greatest reward.


For a while now I’ve had an obsession with croc or croc embossed bags. There are the classics like YSL that would be an investment piece. For a(tiny bit) smaller price point, Strathberry  makes a ridiculously stunning mini crossbody that is absolutely perfect, from the chain to the gold bar detail and I am living and breathing for it. 



Just drooling here.

However, I love to be practical and (stick to the title of this blog), sometimes there just isn’t a budget for investments. Forever 21 has never been more on point. I’ve found not one or two, but three gorgeous classics. Ok yes, I know they might not last you for years to come but if you handle with gentle care, they might go further than you think and will give you the same look. As always everything will be linked for you! Happy (budget friendly) shopping! 




It would’t be me if I didn’t leave you with some inspo. (Pinterest)

-Court xx



2019 Make up Update

Helloooo babes.

I genuinely steer far away from make up posts because I don’t consider myself to be great at it. I do have a love for it and am always working to improve.

I asked you guys if you’d want a make up update and you answered yes.. so here we are.

  Like everything else, make up is art and I am always changing up the look depending on what’s inspired me lately. As of now I love peachy, pink and or orange tones. I will never stop loving tan skin and I think a peach eyelid with bronzed skin is too pretty. Also, very very simple in that I only need 5 products to do this look. Concealer, Foundation or Powder/bronzer, Eye shadow, Mascara, and a Highlight.


Tarte Shape Tape is always my first step. I was cursed with “I’ve just been KO’d” eyes and bags that never match my outfit. So when I found shape tape, it gave me the full coverage to pretend I was awake and never looked like I was wearing a ton of concealer. Truly a product I will never, everrrrr stop using.



My second step is base and it changes day to day.I don’t really have an explanation as to why. Some days I’m in the mood for foundation and others I use my E.L.F. brush/bronzer combo for my entire face. I think that goes against some serious rules but the bronzer is subtle enough to use all over and again, I like a tan face.


Anastasia Modern Renaissance is the third step for my current routine. I can switch up my tan tones with this palette so it is always with me. I wish I could say more on this but its just as simple as mixing two or three shades from this palette and blending. I only apply to my upper lid and haven’t been doing any smudging underneath. I actually haven’t even been applying mascara to my lower lashes and I kinda love it. (Another rule I’m probably breaking.) I jump between Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Red Ochre (must blend) and Realgar. blog8


L’oreal Lash Paradise I blogged about in 2017 and I will probably never switch this out either. I cannot express enough the amount of compliments I get on my lashes with this. For a drug store brand it is a serious cheat for not having fake lashes. 



My oh so lovely boyfriend gifted me with the Morphe ‘Stardust’ Highlighter after a joint trip to Ulta and I cannot brag about this product more. What an incredible brand and product quality for such great price points. Stardust is more of a iridescent pink but sooo pretty on! If I’m not using that I Switch to my NYX Born to Glow liquid Illuminator. I recently learned if you have dryer skin(me) a liquid highlighter is the way to go for a more natural look against your skin type.

And that is literally it. For my lips, I am putting on chapstick just to give them a shine, so nothing exciting to elaborate further on.


There isn’t much to this routine but I’m loving the way it looks and the simplicity of it. Let me know of any peachy/tan eyeshadows you guys are loving, I definitely need new suggestions! 


-Court xx

Style Inspiration Appreciation Post #SIAP

Hello again!

With the holidays and everything else going on I’ve had very little time to get my mind right to make a quality post. This one has been a long time coming because I have admired the woman I’m about to mention for going on 3 years now. 

Matilda Djerf is a Swedish style Influencer,Traveler and Vlogger/Blogger!

She is everything and more.

First of all she inspires my wardrobe non-stop, but the added bonus with her is that she is pure heart and soul on her Instagram. She doesn’t hide behind a perfect social media page without giving you the details. She’s the first to tell you, yes Instagram seems perfect but she’s also been through harder times just like everyone else. She has scars, insecurities and moments when she needs to regroup and practice a little bit of self-care to be able to put in her all again. She’s anti body-shaming and will always remind you to take care and love yourself. She’s just a bit of positive light that you need in your feed. 🙂 

To get back to her style, the first word that comes to mind is effortless. She stays true to her personal style and what she loves and that shines through her content. She’s a huge vintage jewelry lover, actually,vintage anything lover.

She puts together outfits I’d never dream of and makes you wonder why you didn’t think of it. Not only that she appreciates food and being in the moment so you’ll see very appetizing meals and aesthetically pleasing landscapes and oceanfront views. 

The most important thing I take away from her is being myself and that has started to become my own source of inspiration. I’m going to leave my favorite pics of hers and pieces she’s convinced me I can’t live without. Every platform to find her on is linked below!


Check out her blog here

Youtube: Matilda Djerf

Instagram: @matildadjerf



Without sounding like a complete fan-girl, I think she tops my list for all time favorite influencer! She’s such a breath of fresh air! 




ZARA Haul for Fall

L’automne is finally here.

I’ve gone my own route this Fall and put together what I want to wear this season and not what is “in” season. I wanted to keep this simple and create a mood board that can show you more of where my head is at rather than me telling you. I’ve pulled my favorites from Zara and the links will be attached under each photo. I’m very obsessed with a clean look lately with a tiny touch of detail and Zara is currently killing it. So let’s get in the mood. 


ZARA Fall/Winter 18 Logo Tee (obsessed)




ZARA Tailored Camel Wool-blend Coat 


ZARA Black Shopper Tote with detailed handles(dying over this)





ZARA Burgandy Booties






ZARA Striped blouse



ZARA Loose Fit Pant with Satin Stripes




ZARA Gold Link Necklace


ZARA Long Knit Dress (Sans beanie please)


ZARA Nude Knee Boots






ZARA Ribbed Turtleneck



ZARA Menswear Coat




ZARA Sateen Bodysuit (IN LOVE)


            ZARA High Waisted Jeans (The Perfect Wash)








I almost feel a bit naked doing a post like this without much writing but pics are fun and can maybe inspire someone else. I don’t know about you but I am always in search of new inspo, I live & breathe it.

Happy Fall,

-Court xx 

Shop your own closet

I never thought I would ever say this but I’m a little unmoved by social media. And by social media I mean Instagram. If you would ask my boyfriend he would tell you in a second that #OOTD (outfit of the day) is the only hashtag I know. I’ve been addicted to finding new bloggers to follow or worshiping the ones I already do on Instagram for so long. My only issue is that its become too perfect lately and I just can’t relate. 

On a side note, I fully support posting whatever it is you want and also the hard work that goes into some of these posts. I myself have done the same at one point or another. It’s just the world we live in now. In light of this, I wanted to do a post that had more of a minimal and abundance mindset. Let’s stop looking for more and do with what we have. And we have a lot. So, I was shopping my own closet and put together an easy list of clean/chic outfits you should be able to pull together with what you have already.

  1. All black with a neutral jacket. 

It doesn’t matter which way you spin it, this is your best and easiest bet. So clean and chic. Even without the jacket, all black should be your easiest staple.


2. Grab those button-downs & button-ups you’ve been ignoring. (Yes, there is a difference) 

At work or grabbing a drink, a button-up/down is another easy way to look put together, no shopping or effort required. The slouchier the better!


3. Make use of denim or chambray tops. (Yes,there is also a difference here)

 Another great piece to get you anywhere you are going. There isn’t a color you can’t pair these tops with so don’t neglect them either!


These are just a few I thought would be in most closets and would take you minimal time to put together. No overthinking it just throw on and go.

-Court xx

Also, throwing it out there again that all the pictures used are from Pinterest and are not owned by me. 

Target Broke My Neutral Rule

For those of you that don’t already know, I have a preference to wearing neutrals. For those of you that do know, I’m sorry I brought it up again LOL. I like neutral shades in my wardrobe because one, they match with more and I can create more outfits with less, and two, because it looks a bit less trendy in my opinion to stay away from loud colors or prints.

Welllll, I stopped by Target to kill some time today and fell in love with this Gingham Top. You might even think I’m dramatic for saying I stepped outside of my rules given its still black/white but baby steps people. Anyway it’s cute, simple, and could easily be dressed up or down. 

P.S. I apologize for the horrible messy dressing room pic but sharing is caring you know. 



Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

-Court xx

Where I’ve been for the last 2 months

I wish I could report that I’ve just come from a lavish 2 month tour around Europe but then I’d be lying. I actually haven’t been on any vacation or done anything remotely exciting or glamorous. I’ve been MIA because my obsession with Mary-Kate and Ashley has crippled my blog posting abilities. No, seriously. I absolutely obsess over them on Pinterest and IG and because of wanting to implement some pieces similar I haven’t bought anything new well, because I cannot find cheaper duplicates.  

I do feel like I say this a lot but their style is such an art form for me. From their Crocodile pumps & bags, to their always perfect denim and (lovely for me) their mostly neutral wardrobe, they are my heroes.  

If you know me or this blog then you know I have to shop smart. Every store I would normally go to is NOT on the same obsession train apparently. So I’ve been inspiration-less and my outfits are not exciting me at the current moment. I can’t help anyone when I can’t help myself LOL. Maybe one of you reading this can help a sista out?!

In all seriousness, all pointers would be appreciated. I’m just going to leave these pics here for you to admire with me. Let’s all hope the next post will be a follow up with better news and be a bit more inspirational for everyone.


I know, I know..

See you next post! 


-Court x

The timeless piece your wardrobe is missing

Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been my favorite movie since I was 18. My mom(thanks mom) had randomly gifted me an Audrey Hepburn Movie pack with about 6 of her most famous movies. I had never heard of her before but I’ve always been curious to learn about new people and opened it straight away. I was instantly hooked and wanted to know everything about her. At that time I was living in Belgium so of course I thought it was interesting to find out she was born in Ixelles, Belgium, which is just East of Anderlecht. The movie has a feel good factor to it and of course the outfits are fun to look at. My Favorite is the Trench she wears towards the end of the movie (pictured below).



Anyway, back to the reason you’re here, Target has done us all a huge favor. Channel your inner Audrey and go treat yourself to this classic Trench coat.  It’s super soft, lightweight, and obviously a timeless piece given that Breakfast at Tiffany’s was made in 1961 and we’re still wearing it. It is also a perfect transitional piece for the warmer spring weather coming up and so easy to dress up or down. It’s just perfect, OK? 🙂  I am also suggesting you watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s if you haven’t, unless classic movies aren’t your sort of thing. 


This outfit was too easy and I’m in love 🙂

Until next time babes!

-Court xx